Creating an Announcement

36  To create an announcement, access the Announcements tool and follow these steps:

1     If you do not see the Announcements menu bar, click the Reset button.

2     Click the Add button in the Announcements menu bar.


Location of the Add button

The CLE displays the Add Announcement screen.

Add Announcement screen, top portion

3     In the Announcement title box, enter the subject of your announcement. An entry in the Announcement title box is required.

4     In the Body box, use the icons and pulldown lists to create and format the body of your announcement. For more information on using these icons and pulldown lists, see Using the Rich Text Editor. An entry in the Body box is required. 

5     In the Access section, select the groups of people who may see your announcements:

     Display to public allows members of the public to access this announcement from the CLE gateway screen, without logging in.

     Display to site allows all members of this site to see the announcement on their My Workspace home page and on the home page for this site.

     If you have set up groups and/or sections on your site, Display to selected groups allows the group(s) you indicate to view the announcement on their My Workspace home page and on the home page for this site. After checking Display to selected groups, check the boxes next to the groups or sections to which you want to display the announcement.

Selecting a group to make announcements

For information about creating groups, see Site Editor Tool: Managing Groups.

6     In the Availability section, indicate if and when you want to make this announcement available for viewing.

Availability section

     To display the announcement immediately, click Show.

     To hide it from view until further notice, click Hide. This action saves a draft of your announcement but does not publish it.

     To display it beginning on a particular date and time, click Beginning and use the pulldown lists to specify the starting date and time.

     To remove it from display on a particular date and time, click Ending and use the pulldown lists to specify the ending date and time.

7     To add an attachment, click the Add Attachments button and then follow the directions given in Adding an Attachment. The CLE displays the file name in the Attachments section.

Screen display with attachment listed

8     Select an option from the Email Notification pulldown box to indicate whether site participants should receive an email when this announcement is posted.

Email notification


Email Notification Options



None - No notification

Send no email notification. This is the default.

High - All Participants

Send an email notification to every participant when the announcement is created.

Low - Only participants who have opted in

Send email notification to those participants who have chosen to receive low-priority mail notifications. Participants set preferences to specify whether and how they want to receive low-priority announcements. For information about the Preferences tool, refer to Preferences Tool.


9     Choose one of these options:

     To add this announcement, click the Add Announcement button. The CLE adds the announcement and displays the Announcements home page.

     To return to the Announcements home page without adding an announcement, click Clear.

     To preview the announcement, click the Preview button. The CLE displays the Announcement Preview screen.

The Announcement Preview page

After viewing the announcement in preview mode, click Add Announcement to Feedback or click Cancel to return to the Add Announcement screen.